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An app serves as a supplement to existing websites or can be developed as a stand-alone project. In both cases, care must be taken to ensure that the time and monetary factors are in relation to each other. If separate solutions are developed for each operating system, this costs both time and money in most cases. The development of a hybrid solution can be the key to a fast and uncomplicated implementation of your project.

Whether you are planning a solution for your customers, suppliers or employees, with IONIC we realize your idea efficiently. According to your requirements and the needs of your target group, we design and develop the ideal solution. We are your partner for tailor-made solutions with Ionic. Rely on years of experience and profound know-how in the field of hybrid apps. Why we have specialized in Ionic and what advantages this has for your company, you can find out here.

Advantages of hybrid app development

Less time required

Quick to the MVP

Lower costs

A single code base for multiple platforms

One solution for all devices

One development for multiple platforms. Web, App, Tablet, Desktop

Less project effort

Faster design, maintenance and implementation

One code for all devices - Ionic as an all-round solution

The biggest advantage of developing apps with Ionic is the isolated code base which can be used on any device and on any operating system. Ionic makes it possible to run a web application within a native app. To access device functions such as the camera or microphone of a smartphone, the Ionic Capacitor is used. This gives the hybrid app the necessary touch of a native application.

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Development example

Boat Hero
Boat Hero
Boat Hero - Platform & App
Case Study

Internationally oriented and multilingual online platform for boat sales. Including dealer area, main page, user area, app and much more.

Food Delivery - App MVP
Case Study
Food delivery app with backend for a restaurant chain. Orders, menus and delivery areas can be individually created and managed. In the kitchen there is an iPad on which new orders are continuously received and receipts are printed automatically.


Here's how apps are used in businesses:

Company to External


Process Management



And many more...



Process optimization

Production optimization

And many more...

App as a product






And many more...

Nowadays, it is no longer enough to simply have an app. It must bring an absolute and measurable added value for the company in the form of hard facts (sales) or soft facts (e.g. customer loyalty).

Christoph Heike, Managing Director of Webzeile GmbH

Christoph Heike

This is how it works

The process: conception, implementation and maintenance


During the conception phase we concentrate on the project planning and visualization of your future solution. This is where the guideline is created on how exactly we can realize your project. For this purpose, a detailed project plan is created with the help of which you can always maintain an overview and track exactly at which point of the process we are currently.


Next, design, the various screens and functions are determined. Intuitive use and an appealing look are just as important in this step as checking the technical implementation


Once all essential planning points have been clarified, our programmers start with the actual task - the development of your IONIC app. We will gladly take care of publishing the app in the respective app store as well as maintaining your powerful solution.

Learn what affects the cost here.

What are the costs?

The costs of an app solution can vary greatly. They depend on the complexity of the application and its functions. Costs cannot be determined 100% in advance, but the following applies: The more detailed your planning is in advance and the more information you provide us with for the project, the more cost-effective the process will be. Imagine the app and make a note of the functions and, if necessary, which other systems the solution should be connected to. Maybe you already have a finished design and are looking for a team that can turn your vision into reality - this of course also affects the development costs.

To learn more about development with Ionic, we are happy to advise you. To do so, you can call us directly or request more information via our contact form.

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Customer loyalty app
An app is to be developed for an existing website with recipes, user area and downloads for a brand to increase customer loyalty. There, users can log in, manage data, save recipes and download data provided by an API.
DurationDuration: 4m
Pricing: 8 - 15k


Boat Marketplace app
Users can search, save, compare and share boats from one portal as well as log in to their account, change master data and write messages.
DurationDuration: 6m
Pricing: 28 - 35k

Our clients include:

Stadt Bonn

Information portal

City of Bonn


Web development, frontend & backend


User portal



Web development, frontend & backend





Web development, frontend & backend





Web portal/platform

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